Pamela Campbell

Painting began with a pastel’s medium in 2008, as a hobby painter, and a way to spend quality time with her Artist husband. Soon, she began to experiment with other mediums including acrylics and oils.  Although primarily self-taught, she continued to learn more every year. As often as she could, she helped with the local art gallery fundraisers, attended occasional workshops, artist gatherings through the local galleries, and art painting sessions. Pamela has enjoyed many of the Arts in addition to painting on canvas, such as studying the making of pottery, music, and many craft hobbies such as crochet, embroidery, and quilt making, and even flower arrangements.

Marrying Artist Wayne E. Campbell in 1980, she opted for a business degree in college. She later co-owned and managed her own business for approximately 20 years in the Real Estate field.  After leaving behind her Real Estate career in 2013, she joined the family business of cabinetry. Working part time, gave her the opt to enjoy the freedom of also being a part time, active Artist.

Pamela was introduced to Plein Air painting in a 2011, through artist friends. She has jumped at the chance to paint Plein Air landscapes and take Plein Air workshops.  Through a wonderful group of painters (IPAPA), Indiana Plein Air Painters Association, her and her husband regularly enjoy painting equations in the outdoor Plein Air painting landscapes all over Indiana. 

Another of her most passionate subjects, is to paint animals of all kinds. She has painted many dog, cat, horse, sheep, and other animals in the portrait form or in their own natural landscape.

Pamela's quote: "An Artist journey is never ending and can be enjoyed until the end of my days."